Clock Hinge – C166

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A long case clock door hinge copied from an original dating from the mid 1700’s.  A cranked hinge, the long part being fixed to the back of the door.

Total Height (inc. Finials): 1  5/8″ (42mm)

Flap Width: 1  3/16″ (30mm)

Flap Height: 13/16″ (21mm)

Depth of Return: 15/16″ (24mm)

Length of Face: 3  7/16″ (88mm)

  • Fixing Option

    Screws and pins are coloured to match your item and sized to fit the holes. Please note that the tree of pins (known as A265) contains 15 pins with two different types of pins attached. These do need to be cut/ removed from before fixing to your piece.

  • *Brass Finish
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Additional information

Weight 30 g
Dimensions 130 × 18 × 40 mm


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