Our Story

Optimum Brasses Ltd is an established employee-owned business located in the beautiful south west of England, providing high quality brass hardware and furniture fittings.

Our business is more than 40 years old. Built on a collection of original brass fittings since 1966, Optimum has grown into a Worldwide seller of authentic copied period brass fittings and more recently bronze and white bronze fittings.

The Beginning

The business was founded in 1981 by Robert Byles, an antique dealer and restorer. Unhappy with the authenticity of reproduction brass available on the market at the time, he began researching ways to ‘clone’ original pieces.

Following this research, it was decided that lost wax casting was the best method to achieve his desired results; Optimum Brasses was born.

Now a successful employee-owned business, Optimum Brasses continues to use the lost wax casting method to create faithful copies of originals we now have an archive of thousands of moulds.

Over the years, Optimum have become firm favourites in the antique restoration world and have a valued, loyal clientele. The company has also made significant progress into the world of interior design. We will continue to serve both industries, with high-quality brass and bronze fixtures and fittings.