Bespoke Replica

At Optimum Brasses we offer a bespoke copying service for your original hardware fittings. Our archive of supplement and main catalogues are made up of past copied period originals and modern fittings. A silicon rubber mould is created capturing every detail of your item and used to cast into brass, white bronze or bronze.

Rubber Moulds
Brass Pipe C260
Replicated Brass Object

We can copy from any material as long as it meets the required size and measurements. (Please contact us for more information)

As with any of our cast products, there may be a shrinkage of approximately 3-5% from the cast of the original item.

Customers will need to pay a one-time mould cost for the creation of the mould and a payment per item after that.

Each copied item will be added to our extensive archive of hardware fittings, which is available for purchase by all of our customers. Alternatively, customers can pay for their copied item to be exclusive to them only.

Each item is hand polished and hand finished to meet your needs.

If you’re interested in learning more about how we can help you replicate your unique hardware fittings, please contact us for additional information.