Decorated Knob Integral Backplate Sale (Polish)

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This ornate knob is a replica of an early 19th century design, complete with integral backplate, thread and nut.

All coloured to a Polished finish including small pitted holes on surface, minor missing details and or slight dents.


Please see below for additional measurements and finishes


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  • *Why is this item reduced?

    Due to the nature of our casting technique, we are often left with items that do not live up to our acceptable standards. These items have only minor defects including small pitted holes, casting flow marks, general dents or missing detail. All have been coloured to either a light or traditional Antique and will be sold in their present condition becoming non-refundable items.


Additional information

Weight 206 g
Dimensions 59 × 50 × 31 mm
Knob Diameter

2" (50mm)


1  1/4" (31mm)

Thread Length

1  1/8" (28mm)


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