Plain Swan Neck Handle – C39

£41.77 (Excluding VAT)

This vintage handle features the elegant curves of a George III swan neck design.
This swan neck handle can easily be incorporated into modern interior design styles and is able to blend seamlessly with modern decor while still retaining its traditional character and charm.
From a choice of our finishes you can create a truly bespoke look.

Please see below for additional measurements and finishes


  • *Steel or Brass Thread

    Posts are now available with a modern steel thread and regular steel nut or sleeve nut as an alternative to the traditional brass thread (copied directly from the period original). The modern steel alternative makes installation easier if using in a kitchen, study or other interior design application.

  • *Brass Finish

Additional information

Weight 77 g
Dimensions 125 × 54 mm
Backplate Diameter

1 3/16" (30mm)

Centre to Centre

3 7/8" (98mm)


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