Lost Wax Casting

For thousands of years the lost wax casting technique has been used in various other industries, for example the casting of jewellery, where intricate detail is required. It was also used to cast the bronze weapons, tools and statues of Ancient Greece and the Renaissance.

How does it work?

An object is modelled in wax, then the wax is replaced with molten brass or bronze.  Optimum brasses use rubber moulds, created using period original brass fittings to form the waxes.  Thanks to the versatility of the lost wax casting technique, it is also possible to cast other materials in order to create a final finished piece in brass or bronze.

As specialists in the brass industry, Optimum prides itself on using a brass mix that closely matches that of brass made in the 18th Century, rather than modern brass, which often does not age to the desired colour.