The Importance of Hand Finished Products

Our hand finished products are the heart and soul of our business. We believe that there’s something truly special about a product that’s been crafted by hand. Each piece is unique and has its own character.

Our products are not only beautiful, but they are also important because they represent a time-honoured tradition of craftsmanship that is becoming increasingly rare in today’s world.

The Finishing Touch

At Optimum Brasses, we are proud to offer a wide selection of high-quality brass and bronzeware. Whether you are looking for a replica item to complete a special piece of furniture or adding the finishing touches to your dream kitchen, we are committed to fulfilling your hardware dreams.

One of the things that sets us apart from other manufacturers is our dedication to hand-polishing and colouring. Unlike machine finishes, our hand-finished products have a more authentic look and feel, with each piece receiving the attention to detail that it deserves.

Our team take great care in every step of the production process, from raw brass, to hand polishing, assembling and colouring. Whether you are looking for a classic, traditional look or a modern, contemporary style, we have the expertise and experience to create the perfect piece of hardware for your needs.