Plain Escutcheon Plate – A79

£ 11.25 (Excluding VAT)

Copied from a mid 18th Century escutcheon, matching handle A79

Escutcheon Dimensions: Height = 2  3/8″ (61mm) – Width = 3  1/2″ (89mm)

    *For the 'Professional Restorer' we have our A265 tree of pins. These are exact replicas of antique pins only suitable for the professional restorer as they have to be clipped from the stem one by one. Please click here to view or purchases this item
  • Loop Option



    Please Note: The Escutcheon comes with pin holes only, if you order loop and posts, you are responsible for drilling the holes larger to accommodate the posts.

  • *Brass Finish


Escutcheon Dimensions: Height = 2 3/8″ (61mm) – Width = 3 1/2″ (88mm)

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Weight 16 g
Dimensions 88 × 61 mm