• Gallery Nose Piece – A282

    £ 17.09 £ 20.51 (including VAT)
    An arch pattern gallery nose piece to go with the A282 gallery length.

    Height: 1  5/16" (33mm)

    Length: Cast in varying lengths, please state your requirements when ordering

  • Gallery Corner – A282

    £ 9.57 £ 11.48 (including VAT)
    A corner piece for A282. Height:  1  5/16"  (33mm) Length: Various, please enquire when ordering
  • Gallery Length – A282

    £ 17.09 £ 20.51 (including VAT)
    A length of arch pattern gallery copied from a Regency period original.  Cast with two fixing spikes.  A matching nose piece and corner piece are also available.  Lengths of these pieces vary slightly.  If in doubt about your order please contact us about the dimensions you require and we will work out the most economical quantities for you.  We don't braze lengths together. Height: 1  5/16" (33mm) Length-approximate: 8" (203mm)
  • Gallery – A281

    £ 15.04 £ 18.05 (including VAT)
    A length of scrolling leaf-work pattern gallery taken from a Regency period original.  Cast with one straight end and one graduating end and with two fixing spikes. Made only in the length as stated - we do not join lengths of gallery. Height: 15/16" (24mm) Length: 7" (183mm)
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