• Cellarette Handle – C112

    £ 13.44 £ 16.13 (including VAT)
    The original handle from which this was copied was from a Georgian cellarette.  This handle would have originated from the front of the cellarette and our handle A259 would match as a side lifting handle. Drop Width: 1  15/16" (50mm) Drop from Axle: 1 5/8" (41mm)
  • Cellarette Handle – A259

    £ 18.18 £ 21.82 (including VAT)
    Taken from an original side lifting handle from an 18th century cellarette.  A259 fixes with a heavy post pivoting on an axle.

    Drop Width: 3  3/16" (81mm)

    Drop from Axle: 2  3/16" (56mm)

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